Kenzo Crafts is a home based business that is friendly and approachable.
I started creating way back in 2006 using just the kitchen table.
Things have changed quite a bit since then.
So who's the team? well there's me Nicole & my golden retriever Kenzo & our new addition Myla who is a small rescued heinz variety! Small & very cute!
Most of my sales are sourced from repeat or recommended custom & customers who have received one of our products and is looking to purchase for themselves.

The early days.... I am a trained hairdresser but had to give up my trade due to family commitments in 2006. I had to pay the mortgage so began looking online for something I could do from home.
I have a very talented mum who passed her natural talent down to me.
I've always had a love of crafts from cross stitch to making my own greeting cards.
I noticed a lot of people sold their crafts online so I thought I'd give it a go, I can still remember the day I sold my first item on ebay! it was a surreal moment and I STILL feel like that today when my laptop tings to inform me of a new sale. That sound happens most days (thankfully)

 Kenzo Our Golden Retriever The Legend
This is where the name for the business came from - our retriever Kenzo.
When I was trying to decide on a suitable name for the business he came trotting into my room and laid across my feet. OK I thought, why not.?  ...... Kenzo Crafts began!
He's still with us in 2020 making him a very old man of 14 and 15 in October 2020.
He's so lovely and our new rescue loves him just as much too and I think the feelings mutual. Myla is 2 & so full of energy, she loves to jump onto the desk & watch me work.

I must also mention and pay my respects to my black princess Jess our black
rescue lab she was so loyal following me around everywhere needless to say I tripped over her a fair bit!
She passed in 2017 of old age.

Kenzo Crafts
8 Westerdale Close
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU12 9TT