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Kenzo Crafts is a home based business that is friendly and approachable.

So who's the team? well there's me Nicole and my son Steve he will be in charge of all designing.
We've started to supply to businesses around the UK at trade and this is proving extremely popular.

Most of our private sales are sourced from repeat or recommended custom,
or customers who received one of our products and is looking to purchase for themselves.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago and anyone who is familiar with this chronic pain illness will know how some days life can be a real struggle so I am so pleased my son Steve has come on board and together we can now grow the business again.
The early days.... I am a trained hairdresser but had to give up my trade due to family commitments a few years ago. I needed an income so turned a hobby into a business ; et voila! Kenzo Crafts was created!
It is known to friends and family as KC which always  makes me think of Kentucky Fried Chicken for some reason, so needless to say I'm always hungry.........

MARK My wonderful husband who is always there to share the highs and lows - even after a long day in the office. I send him into the garage to cut me some more wood. He never moans!
Kenzo our Golden Retriever
This is where the name for the business came from - our retriever Kenzo.
When I was trying to decide on a suitable name for the business he came trotting into my room and laid across my feet. OK I thought, why not.?  ...... Kenzo Crafts began!

I must also mention Jess our black lab. What does she do? Ummm well, she always greets me when I come in from  the workshop (even if I'm only gone 5 minutes )as if she hasn't seen me for weeks! And that always cheers me up.
Each handcrafted plaque starts it's life as a 8ft x4ft sheet
My most common material used is Birch Plywood 9mm.
This is at the very top end of the plywood market and cannot be beaten in quality.
We also use MDF when we want a to obtain a different surface finish.

It is then cut to shape 
We then sand  & paint it 3 times
It is now ready for your instruction!
The back of the plaques look just as good as the front as the bare wood is lightly sanded to give a natural but beautiful finish. making them ideal keepsakes
Kenzo Crafts
8 Westerdale Close
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU12 9TT