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Wooden Teacher Plaques

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Personalised Outdoor Wooden Sign - Design 2

A Hand Painted Wooden Plaque - You tell us the text you require. We turn it into an awesome gift FREE UK Delivery

Teachers - We don't thank them enough I don't think.
 I have family & friends that have taught over the years
and amazed how truly dedicated they are.
Now with FREE delivery
 Here is a small selection of handmade gifts for your child's teacher,
 oh and don't forget the classroom assistants oh and the dinner ladies too.
End of term teacher gifts can be quite competitive.
If you already have your child's gift then why not ask for a vinyl decal to personalise it?
We sell these on request and will send you a quote which to be far is pennies.
 It's a great way to transform a flower in a pot that you've picked up from Asda or Tesco.
 For a few pounds you can have their name on the pot or a small thank you poem maybe
It's a good job these bespoke gifts are a great price!
Please contact me via my social media page or email to
Best wishes Nicole