About Me

Hey there, it's so nice to have you here! Let me tell you a little about myself and the story behind Kenzo Crafts. First and foremost, I feel incredibly blessed to be a mum to three amazing sons and I also inherited an extra son when I married my husband. And now, I'm also a proud grandma to four adorable grandkids named Jayden, Jacob, Freddie, and Oakley. You can probably guess that boys are a big part of my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Me with my eldest grandson

I embarked on my career as a hairdresser, which I found to be a truly fulfilling path. However, when my son fell sick and required home-schooling, I had to make a difficult decision and leave my job to be there for him. Despite the challenge, I remained hopeful and explored my creative side. I stumbled upon some painted plaques on eBay and was inspired to learn more about this craft. I worked tirelessly to research and plan, seeking the help of a carpenter client to bring my vision to life. Together, we created some simple plaques out of 2mm-thick caravan wood that I listed for sale. The joy I felt when my first plaque sold is something I will never forget and still to this day, my heart does a little happy skip when I get a sale! Through my determination and hard work, I was able to provide for my family while pursuing a passion.

The Journey

When I was looking for a name for my business back in March 2006, I struggled to find one that captured the essence of my craft. Every name I came up with seemed to be already taken. One day, while deep in thought, my golden retriever puppy Kenzo came up to me. In a moment of inspiration, I realized that "Kenzo Crafts" was the perfect name for my business.

Sadly, Kenzo fell ill during the first coronavirus lockdown. Despite our best efforts, we had to say goodbye to him. Losing Kenzo was devastating for my family, as he was a much loved and cherished member. But I find comfort in knowing he's now at peace, frolicking in a field of buttercups with our black lab Jess, who passed away a few years prior. It's clear to me that animals grieve just like humans do. Kenzo lost his bounce and sparkle when Jess passed. For months he would lie next to a photo of Jess we had placed on our hearth. However, I'm grateful for the 15 + years we spent with Kenzo. He was such a character. I'm sure most visitors to our home came to spend time with him, not us!

Kenzo 2005 - 2019
Myla Moo 2018 - present

Myla - Moo

Myla Moo was placed in our lives and filled the huge hole that Kenzo and Jess had left. She is such a lovely-natured dog. She's managed to fit right in and been such a comfort for my eldest grandson who lives with us along with his younger brother. The best things about Myla is her empathy and her zoomies! She just knows when the boys need a cuddle or cheering up. She just places her head gently in his lap and stays there until he moves. When they're struggling to find happiness in their day she does this little dance on her hind legs then zooms around the house at 100 miles an hour. I think that's the terrier in her!

Current news

It's been 17 years since I started my business, and I'm happy to say I'm still going strong. Despite the challenges brought on by the coronavirus lockdowns and the rising cost of living, I've had to diversify my products like many other businesses. Nevertheless, I'm proud to say that my products still provide excellent quality at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused prices to spike, with birch wood costs doubling. Nonetheless, I've absorbed these costs and have yet to raise my prices. In the summer of 2023, I plan on unveiling a new line for the Kenzo collection that will be both budget-friendly and of the highest quality. Keep an eye out for updates!