Hello there! You'll find all the colour options available for my outdoor signs and plaques on this page. I have a vast collection of paint colours accumulated over the years. If you desire a particular colour that is not listed on the product you intend to purchase, feel free to drop me an email. Kindly specify the product you need and your preferred paint colour. I'll do my best to source it for you, provided you're not in a rush.

I take pride in creating garden signs and outdoor plaques that are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. As a testament to their durability, I have personally used my own plaques in my garden for more than a decade. Despite slight signs of wear and tear, they still look as beautiful as ever.

Each garden plaque is thoughtfully crafted with double-sided design and coated with high-quality paint three times. This ensures that the plaques not only look great, but also last for a long time. I understand that my customers have varying preferences on where to place their plaques, which is why I offer three options for hole placement.

The first option is to have no holes, which allows you to use adhesive to attach the plaque. This is perfect for those who prefer a seamless look. The second option is to have a hole drilled on either end, which is ideal for screwing the plaque onto a shed or playhouse. Lastly, if you prefer to hang your plaque, I can drill two holes at the top and attach jute for easy hanging. No matter your preference, I strive to provide options that will best meet your needs.