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  1. God Save The King

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    It strikes me as quite peculiar to utter 'God Save the King' instead of 'God Save the Queen'. Nevertheless, I extend my good wishes to the newly appointed King.

    I hold great admiration for the Prince and Princess of Wales and their charming children, each with their distinct personalities. Princess Diana had my unwavering support, and I hope she watches over them from above, as my Memere does for my family.

    On the topic of family, my grandson Jay accompanied me to select this year's bedding plants, and he executed an exceptional job with the colour scheme. I anticipate he will continue to assist me every spring, although I hope he won't choose all purple again! I highly recommend Sheppard's Nursery in Preston village of East Riding of Yorkshire, a family-run business we've frequented for many years. Bedding plants commence at just £1, and during busy periods, it's all hands on deck, similar to our own family business, Kenzo Crafts. Though my family frequently aids me with painting my plaques, I conceive all the creative aspects myself.


  2. Gentle Reminder

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    It's important to remember that we all have our own struggles, even if we appear happy on the outside. We should keep in mind that others might be going through the same thing. On a brighter note, I wanted to share a stunning image with everyone. My friend Sarah is incredibly gifted and creates the most exquisite prints and artwork. Take a moment to visit her website, PhotoFairytales - it's highly recommended.